Moving in order to stay in place (ie. Continued Learning)

In our field of software development, I am constantly reminded of one immutable fact – the pace of change is still continuing to accelerate.  Whereas a person could become a software development guru back in the early 80s when I first got interested in computer science– now that is all but impossible and you have to pick and choose what areas to become well-versed in, which areas to become competent in, and which areas you will just have to be content to be ignorant of.  Reminds me of that article from Coding Horror that I have referred to a number of times from way back in 2006.

It compares our industry from a chapter in Alice in Wonderland where you had to keep moving in order to stay in the same place – yeah – that sums it up perfectly.


That’s not a bad thing and in fact opens the doors for people to practice their craft in so may new ways, and for people like me (mid-40s) to reinvent themselves with new interests.


So with that in mind – last weekend, it was a quick trip to Sioux Falls for the annual South Dakota Code Camp – where more than 100+ other software developers had gathered to hear speakers on a number of topics


All in all, a good day, learned some new stuff, made some stuff that seemed totally greek to me previously at least a little more edible, and met some other like minded individuals – not a bad way to spend a cold November afternoon. Specifically, I attended a session on Mocking Frameworks, some Java scripting, use of Microsoft PowerShell, and how to use the previously crazy and foreign tool for me to understand– the windbg program to diagnose software issues at a client site which alone could prove to be a powerful tool to add to my toolbox.

Next week, our company is bringing in some professional trainers and pulling us out of the building for 2 days which is pretty cool, and honestly looks to be some great training – and for that, I am grateful as it makes the running to stay in place just a bit easier.

I just got done interviewing prospective software developers from SDSU, SDSM&T, and DSU these past few weeks – and the time spent staying up to date is always well worth it and something that I share with these new kids coming out of college as mandatory if they want to last.

Hope your Fall is as nice as ours has been the past few days (and less than 100 days until I find myself on a Mexican beach…hmmmmmmmm)




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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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