Day to day minutiae

Working on evaluations for my team, and I was forwarded an email in which 59% of people who willingly leave their jobs blame their managers – now I consider myself truly simply a team leader, as my team and I all do the same work – but still, didn’t really need the extra pressure and now in the back of my mind hope the company removes me before I can do too much damage Smile


Was watching the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and realized….I would definitely pay to go to a Dracula rock opera with puppets.

I wonder if the idea from this movie was based on a real thing – cause crazy as it sounds, it sounds like it would be awesome.



Speaking of awesome, attended Mitchell Show Choir Dinner Theatre tonight and rarely has my civic pride been higher than when one band member was introduced as playing the cow bell – and someone from the audience shouted “We need more cow bell” – yeah, never been prouder, and I was wishing I had been the one to holler that.

For the less-fortunate-never-watching SNL people……(click below)

Need More Cowbell

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