Summer recap & friends

Once again, I stop blogging for a bit and the next thing I know nearly 3 months have passed.

The last time I blogged was after my stroke and just before the heart repair job.  Now I can report that the hole in my heart was successfully patched up and by next year will be covered over with new heart tissue.  I did really appreciate the confidence of my heart surgeon – afterwards he said “in a month they will check you out, shoot more air bubbles into your heart to see if they cross over to the other chamber – don’t worry, they won’t find anything” ….you know, if there is one person you want to extremely confident and even abit cocky, its your heart doctor! – and he was right, all done now with my follow up appointments, passed all with flying colors – strong heart, great low blood pressure and feeling less fragile now – 2 disks of Gortex implanted in my heart and all is good.

But a terrific experience, no lasting effects except my tennis abilities really dropped this summer but its hard to say – did something happen to mess up my timing just a bit or is it a natural effect of turning 46, not being in shape the way I ought to be combined with lots of more talented younger players – hard to say so I continue to play more tennis and see if I can’t get back to how I thought I was playing.

I mentioned in that last post that I was going to try working on gratitude more in my life so let me bring up right now that one thing I have always been blessed by are great friends and I was reminded of this though out this past experience by support and friendship of people – some that I have not done a very good job holding up my end of the friendship – which is many of them – honestly, I get so busy in life that I forget that like marriage, all friendships require some work as well – just another thing I have to keep working on – but on the topic of friendship – this clip from West Wing (which for me had some of the greatest writing on TV) sums up what makes a great buddy – well, this and the very last episode of M*A*S*H.


And I have always loved this quote – used it in my farewell letter at my last job saying goodbye to friends I had worked with for 10 years.

I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends. – Walt Whitman

That’s all the reflection I have right now on this dreary, overcast day –

Next up – the 110 mile Mickelson Trail Trek in the Black Hills in less than 1 month – that will definitely need a post in the future

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