I am Brad Osterloo and this is just the blog of a .NET C# software developer living in Mitchell, South Dakota.  A SDSM&T graduate, I have been developing software long enough (20 years) to understand these 3 things:

  1. That pretty much everything new is something old re-invented
  2. Tools, paradigms, technology, and patterns can help make a difference but nowhere near the difference of a team pointed in the same direction.
  3. And finally, never underestimate the power of a passionate team – a passionate team of 1 or more will always outperform and out-agile a far larger team of mediocre intensity.

My employer, Innovative Systems, LLC. is also located here. Most blog posts are probably software, financial or just plain geek-related.   And although I may talk about work or related projects, I am never speaking on behalf of my company as my thoughts are strictly that – just my thoughts alone.

Why blog?  You can blame software development rockstar Scott Hanselman for that.  He once posted an article about Sharpening the Saw that kind of stuck with me and the related online discussions and articles by other authors tipped me into it.  As I mention in an early blog – now I mainly blog to make myself accountable for certain goals I want to reach (nothing like putting goals down on paper – or in this case – the Internet) as well as a medium for conversing with like-minded and like-goaled people and a place to keep information I come across for future reference.  And sometimes the posts are far more random – and sometimes just for fun.

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