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There is an engineering company right next to our company named Vantage Point – I always liked their name.  Given the right vantage point, many problems become alot easier to solve.  Back in college, I remember one of my computer … Continue reading

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Summer recap & friends

Once again, I stop blogging for a bit and the next thing I know nearly 3 months have passed. The last time I blogged was after my stroke and just before the heart repair job.  Now I can report that … Continue reading

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Warren, heart holes, and gratitude

  Just a few weeks ago – I had lots to blog about – I had just come back from the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting with a friend to hear wisdom and opinions from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.  I … Continue reading

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Day to day minutiae

Working on evaluations for my team, and I was forwarded an email in which 59% of people who willingly leave their jobs blame their managers – now I consider myself truly simply a team leader, as my team and I … Continue reading

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“if everyone is special, no one is…”

This has got to be my favorite commencement speech EVER… SKIP ahead to 3:00 to get to the good stuff…… High School Commencement speech Wellesley High English teacher David McCullough Jr. told graduates “You are not special. You are not … Continue reading

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Mexico, Leadership and Female Coders

Every now and then I notice that I forget to blog – life gets busy, work projects take higher priority, kids activities become all encompassing, and suddenly I realize its been a few months since I last blogged – I … Continue reading

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Life in The Matrix

Last week I posted about the ongoing battle to stay current and how anymore, in software development, you have to pick and choose how you spend your valuable “personal” time in pursuing which software development topics you wish to stay … Continue reading

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