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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD

Moving in order to stay in place (ie. Continued Learning)

In our field of software development, I am constantly reminded of one immutable fact – the pace of change is still continuing to accelerate.  Whereas a person could become a software development guru back in the early 80s when I … Continue reading

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Years ago I came across an old German saying which translates to “the heat of change attracts demons” – it sounds much more imposing in German – “hitze des wandels zieht dämonen”.   This saying (and I love quotes and sayings) … Continue reading

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Sharknados & Jumping the Shark

A few years back I first heard the phrase “jumping the shark” and had to look up what that meant and where it came from, From wikipedia: Jumping the shark is an phrase used to describe the moment in the … Continue reading

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Back from the wild

Been dark for a few weeks again but hope to change that in coming weeks but most recently I had been preparing for and then gone for a week for camping. Each summer for the past 8 years I have … Continue reading

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Me, Data, and a conference hall full of people

This year I was asked to present at our company’s semi-annual User Meeting – normally a chance for our very capable Support staff to show off new software features, best practices – but this year, 2 of us software developers … Continue reading

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Back from Berkshire

Next blog post will be on a user meeting topic I presented to our companies annual meeting a few weeks back but first, some housecleaning, as its BRK annual meeting time! Back from yet another Annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting, … Continue reading

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From the bookshelf (part 4)

It’s April and once again I went a whole month without blogging – not intentionally but lately work, extra tennis practice sessions with my son (who is out for Junior Varsity Tennis), and preparation for a new presentation this year … Continue reading

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