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Years ago I came across an old German saying which translates to “the heat of change attracts demons” – it sounds much more imposing in German – “hitze des wandels zieht dämonen”.   This saying (and I love quotes and sayings) … Continue reading

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From the bookshelf (part 4)

It’s April and once again I went a whole month without blogging – not intentionally but lately work, extra tennis practice sessions with my son (who is out for Junior Varsity Tennis), and preparation for a new presentation this year … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Groundhog Day (the movie)

Today is Groundhog Day and sure enough, its easy enough to find the 1993 film of the same name that you can usually find playing on AMC or TNT and it’s one of those movies (just like Red Dawn, Dirty … Continue reading

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Hunger, no games

Each year, our software staff at Innovative Systems put on what we call our Holiday Cook-off.  It will be our 6th annual event where we invite, cajole, and challenge our co-workers to bring food in 2 categories: Desserts, and Soups/Stews.  … Continue reading

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Life of Pi

After reading James Cameron’s (director of Titanic & Avatar) endorsement of “Live of Pi” I knew we had to check it out.  And then on the CBS Sunday morning show, David Edelstein put it best It’s in 3-D in some … Continue reading

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Looking for the good

Wow, after a nasty political race, the terrible damage by Sandy, and the attrocities recently uncovered in Sioux Falls of human trafficking – this story blew me away – just totally blew me away – thanks for sending this Chad.   … Continue reading

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Latest Books

It’s a cool fall day here in Mitchell, and the trees that still stubbornly had any leaves remaining are sure raining them down today – puddles of leaves in the streets where the trees just simply dumped them.  So it … Continue reading

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