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Me, Data, and a conference hall full of people

This year I was asked to present at our company’s semi-annual User Meeting – normally a chance for our very capable Support staff to show off new software features, best practices – but this year, 2 of us software developers … Continue reading

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Office 2013 & PowerPivot Issues

Had some issues reported to me the other day regarding some PowerPivot dashboards running in Office 2013 that had originally been created in Office 2010 – I am not running Office 2013 yet but obviously I am going to have … Continue reading

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More PowerPivot & Excel bugs & quirks

Some more PowerPivot oddities to share tonight based on issues I had encountered while building dashboards. For returning readers, you may remember how not long ago I was plagued by a PowerPivot Slicer issue where the PowerPivot Field list would … Continue reading

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PowerPivot Bug/Issue (Researched)

In a previous post, I used a recent PowerPivot issue of mine to highlight some great Microsoft Technical Support I received from a member of the Excel team, Ms. Susie Martin. As far as the actual bug, we did come … Continue reading

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Practical Advice & (some) Best Practices for PowerPivot Dashboards

Here are the topics/best practices to talk about regarding creating Dashboards using PowerPivot based on what I have learned from others and a lot of trial & error.  (This is another one of those posts where the primary audience in … Continue reading

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Customer Service done right (and by Microsoft)

(UPDATE – this bug was resolved in a later post) Well, my forays into PowerPivot have hit a major snag – on a number of attempts (since PowerPivot Addin for Excel SQL Server 2012 RC0) I have run into a … Continue reading

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TechEd & BI

  Microsoft’s 2012 TechEd Conference was held in Orlando 2 weeks ago (June 11 – 14).  I love all of the content that they (and and other conferences such as the Norwegian Developers Conference) share online afterwards each year.  This … Continue reading

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