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Moving in order to stay in place (ie. Continued Learning)

In our field of software development, I am constantly reminded of one immutable fact – the pace of change is still continuing to accelerate.  Whereas a person could become a software development guru back in the early 80s when I … Continue reading

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Software Developers & Continuing Education

A common interview question I have for college grads is “How will you stay up to date with software development once you leave college?”  I find that some have actually started thinking about that which is good, some have actually … Continue reading

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Adaptation & Amoebas

Researchers in California placed amoebas in two tanks. In one tank, the temperature, humidity, level of water, and other conditions were constantly adjusted to provide the environment most conducive for proliferation of the amoeba. In another tank, the organisms were … Continue reading

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TechEd & BI

  Microsoft’s 2012 TechEd Conference was held in Orlando 2 weeks ago (June 11 – 14).  I love all of the content that they (and and other conferences such as the Norwegian Developers Conference) share online afterwards each year.  This … Continue reading

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ROI of Professional Conferences

Having been to some professional software development conferences before, its always been on my mind how to best share news and details of current & new technologies and any other information gathered at these kinds of events.  I have had … Continue reading

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