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TechEd & BI

  Microsoft’s 2012 TechEd Conference was held in Orlando 2 weeks ago (June 11 – 14).  I love all of the content that they (and and other conferences such as the Norwegian Developers Conference) share online afterwards each year.  This … Continue reading

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PowerPivot (well, BI) is like Geocaching

Why do I enjoy using PowerPivot so much?  Because it solves problems for me. When I first started digging into business intelligence, I started with building data marts, and then defining cubes in SSAS, but one problem kept cropping up … Continue reading

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TED and I

About a year ago, a BI article I was reading referred to a BI Visualization presentation given by Hans Rosling back in 2007 at a TED conference.  The presentation blew me away – bubble charts changing during a time lapse … Continue reading

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Big Data

Have to admit that the terminology, buzzwords, and flurry of recent articles had me confused as to what “BIG DATA” really was Well, this talk here is what made it click for me http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~dewitt/includes/passtalks/passtalks.html Professor David J. DeWitt’s talk at … Continue reading

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Post-PowerPivot User Group Talk

Well, my talk to our companies semi-annual user group meeting is done and I think it went OK.  No major glitches demoing in front of the crowd – a little awkward as since I was the only one with an … Continue reading

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User Group PowerPivot Talk Tomorrow

Pretty excited – A few weeks ago I presented a demo on PowerPivot and how it could be used with our billing system to our CEO and other managers here at work and got invited to present at our semi-annual … Continue reading

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Jumping back into Powerpivot

There can’t be a better poster child for professionals working in BI than Powerpivot – I used to think that Excel’s ability to use pivot tables linked to SSAS databases was the tipping point for ubiquitous BI – but that … Continue reading

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