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Me, Data, and a conference hall full of people

This year I was asked to present at our company’s semi-annual User Meeting – normally a chance for our very capable Support staff to show off new software features, best practices – but this year, 2 of us software developers … Continue reading

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Office 2013 & PowerPivot Issues

Had some issues reported to me the other day regarding some PowerPivot dashboards running in Office 2013 that had originally been created in Office 2010 – I am not running Office 2013 yet but obviously I am going to have … Continue reading

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More PowerPivot & Excel bugs & quirks

Some more PowerPivot oddities to share tonight based on issues I had encountered while building dashboards. For returning readers, you may remember how not long ago I was plagued by a PowerPivot Slicer issue where the PowerPivot Field list would … Continue reading

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BI Visualizations

When I think of data visualization (or data viz as many refer to it now), two examples come to mind that got me interested in the idea of infographics or data visualizations representing data being turned into information. My first … Continue reading

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PowerPivot Bug/Issue (Researched)

In a previous post, I used a recent PowerPivot issue of mine to highlight some great Microsoft Technical Support I received from a member of the Excel team, Ms. Susie Martin. As far as the actual bug, we did come … Continue reading

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Practical Advice & (some) Best Practices for PowerPivot Dashboards

Here are the topics/best practices to talk about regarding creating Dashboards using PowerPivot based on what I have learned from others and a lot of trial & error.  (This is another one of those posts where the primary audience in … Continue reading

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PowerPivot Slicer Lessons Learned

Worked on a new PowerPivot dashboard this week – this time connecting straight to our TFS_Warehouse database since if anything is screaming for a customizable front-end dashboard – its got to be our Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).  But I … Continue reading

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